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Meet The Darville's

Combining a North American attitude with the lively and dynamic culture of the Bahamas for over 24 years, Francis and Cathy Darville have owned and operated Under The Sun Department Store and Chamcem Boats with their four children, working side by side.  Always looking for new ventures and sources of employment for Long Islanders, Explore Long Island has become the new addition to their ever changing livelihoods.

Francis was born and grew up on Long Island, becoming a fisherman first, and then moving on to his passion, boat building.  Cathy first met Francis on vacation with her family from Canada, and not only did her family build their second home on Long Island, but also witnessed their daughter move on to begin her own family home with Francis.

Explore Long Island with the Darville's and catch a glimpse of their family experiences, Island living and secret hideaways