I went on a trip to Wakayama and Mie prefecture the other day.

I went on a trip to Wakayama and Mie prefecture the other day. In Wakayama again the white sandy beaches of the Nanki and the blue sea were good. It is really comfortable when you are driving a coastline. Fishing can also be enjoyed, and in the throwing fishing at the sandy beach, the curry was caught, it was a lot of fun. On the mountain side, Kawayu Onsen was good and the water of the river was also beautiful and feeling good. Again I asked the fishing rod for lodging in the inn and fished. Well, I could not catch much. As a souvenir, I bought plum and plum wine at Wakayama where plum is famous, but it was quite tasty. After that, I went to Mie prefecture. I went to Ise Shima, but I enjoyed it at all Ise Shrine. There were plenty of big trees that seemed to be cedar in truly historic places. The forest nearby was also a shrine impression, and in the story of the person concerned, it seems that most of the historic buildings in the precincts such as the Omote and Kagura dens are made from this big tree, it was a little impressed. As for food, oysters and Ise shrimps were good as well. Ise udon was also pretty. I think I want to go again.

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