All Inclusive Vacation Package in Long Island Bahamas!   We’ve got it all, affordable home rental on a quiet Bahamas Family Island, with an entire week of activities including fishing, adventure, sun and fun.  Our boating adventures are always unique, and offer a peak into the deep blue and up close encounters with local wildlife.  Turtles, herons, swimming pigs, sharks, dolphins, and so much more!  Customize your vacation package to suit your group. 

Jump on board the 33' Grateful Tuna, and be prepared for fish, fish and more fish!  Trolling for mahi mahi, tuna, and wahoo (seasonal), reef fishing, and deep drop fishing.  Fish Island style with a hand reel, or use the traditional rod and reel.... The choice is yours!  We provide breakfast, lunch and fishing gear as well as a comfortable bed to rest your head.  Our packages are all inclusive!   You need only bring a strong arm, a lively attitude and be ready for the adventure of the deep blue sea!  

  1. Day 1  

    *Reef Fishing


  2. Day 2  

    *Deep Sea Fishing



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